Photos of Ayaba Cho Lucas shock the freedom fighters


Do you think it has always been candy in Norway, their forbears fought a lot to build up that country Cho is now reaping the fruits with his family while damaging his.

I have been following Franco political figures ever since this crisis started, 99.9% are not indifferent to the plight of Anglos.

What is worrying IG is simply that they forged their plan without taking the time constraint into consideration. They thought they would fool pple on October 1st, and then march to Buea and become president of their imaginary republic.

Now that time has failed them, they choose their scapegoats for cover up maneuver at random. Today it is Ekema or Munzu, tomorrow it’ll be Bamilike, chiefs, Tapang, Ba-lla…what a bevvy of losers!…