Saidia Pemba Pearls Project – Educating Minds. Ending Poverty.


Our mission is to support struggling families with little or no economic means to afford education and to connect at-risk youth, women, and girls through education for the sake of alleviating poverty.

Pemba Pearls Project provides a safe comfortable environment, for mentor-ship, academic support, and college preparation of at-risk Tanzanian students, with a special focus on women and girls – in the regions of the Zanzibar Archipelago. Youth participants, from 10 to 21, receive individualized and group tutoring to improve literacy, study habits, and overall academic skills.

The program places special emphasis on ESL classes, college preparation, including life skills training, to students preparing for scholastic aptitude exams (Secondary National Exam). The program also guides students through the college application process and directs students to appropriate colleges and universities, including trade and/or career mentor-ship programs. Lastly, the program works to match students with national and international scholarship programs and government-tuition assistance programs for post-secondary education.