Minister tells Tanesco to set up own yards


Chato. Energy minister Dr Medard Kalemani has directed contractors implementing rural power projects in the country to establish their own yards for storing equipment with a view to improving service delivery.

Dr Kalemani made the remark on Sunday in Chato District’s Kahumo village where he switched on power to officially mark electrification of the area.

“I direct you to have your own yards from now onwards. These will be inspected by Tanesco managers regularly and will help increase efficiency in the service delivery,” he said.

The minister mentioned the equipment, which be kept in the envisaged yards as electrical cables, electric poles, transformers and Luku meters.

The minister also officiated a similar event at Magiri village where he called on residents to protect the infrastructure and avoid illegal electricity installation.

The minister also sensitised the residents to seize the opportunity of less expensive electricity connection, stressing they need only Sh27,000 to be connected.

Meanwhile, speaking during a public rally to residents of Chato, the minister directed the Rural Energy Agency (Rea) to speed up the process of connecting people to affordable electricity.

The minister is on an official tour of the Lake Zone where he will also visit Mwanza, Mara and Simiyu regions to inspect implementation of different power projects.