Prince Moulay Rachid Attends Mohammed Karim Lamrani’s Funeral


Rabat – Moulay Rachid attended the funeral of former prime minister, Mohammed Karim Lamrani, in the Achuhada Cemetery.

Lamrani died at dawn on Thursday at his home in Casablanca.

After the afternoon Al-Asr prayers at Achuhada Mosque, the funeral procession moved towards the cemetery and buried Lamrani, in the presence of family members, Head of Government Saad Eddine El Othmani, the council members of King Mohammed VI, former foreign minister Taieb Fassi Fihri, former prime ministers, and several other personalities.

“With the death of Mohamed Karim Lamrani, Moroccans have lost a great man who has marked the contemporary history of the kingdom. During his time as head of government and OCP, the deceased served the homeland, which enabled the country to overcome many crises he faced,” said El Othmani. 

The audience declaimed Qur’anic verses and prayed, imploring God to welcome Lamrani into his vast paradise and to give him ample retribution for his commendable efforts and the good works that he accomplished in the service of his country.

Lamrani was born in 1919 in Fez and became a wealthy businessman in Morocco. Lamrani served as an economic advisor to the Moroccan government.

Lamrani held the position of head of government three times: from August 6, 1971 to November 2, 1972; from November 30, 1983, to September 30, 1986; and from August 11, 1992, to May 25,1994.

In 1967, he was appointed general director of Morocco’s OCP Group, one of the world’s largest phosphate producers and exporters.

Lamrani was an independent politician with no political party orientation.