Blade Nzimande confirms that SACP will testify at the Zondo Commission


Speaking at the South African Communist Party’s (SACP) launch of its 2018/19 Red October campaign in Bushbuckridge, Mpumalanga, general secretary Blade Nzimande confirmed that the party will be testifying at the Zondo Commission on State Capture.

Nzimande was delivering a keynote address focused on local government with the tagline “stop corruption, serve people selflessly.”

The SACP’s official Twitter account retweeted a video in which Nzimande can be heard saying that the”SACP can’t be threatened by people who’ve been using intelligence institutions illegally to gather information.”

This is an interesting choice of words on the general secretary’s part considering recent reports detailing how Zuma used “intelligence reports” to get away with whatever he wanted.

Nzimande went on to comment on the current state of municipalities across the country and added that the SACP had identified a number of problems faced by municipalities.

However, the SACP’s Red October campaign would be focusing on at least two of these problems, namely “systemic and rampant corruption, including corporate capture within our municipalities” and a lack of efficiency coupled with the persisting inequality in infrastructure development, as well as in the provision of quality services stated Nzimande.

According to Nzimande and the SACP, the legacy of apartheid era spatial planning and class inequalities allow this status quo to persist and the recent total shutdown demonstrations in coloured townships across Gauteng were proof of what happens when situations like this are left to boil over.

The general secretary also touched on issues such as labour brokering, exploitation of workers and the ever-increasing levels of unemployment before presenting the party’s plans to deal with the problems they identified.

Interestingly enough, Red October is also the chosen campaign name for those who seek to find a solution to the “slaughter of white people” in South Africa. Back in 2013, protesters hosted numerous events across the country in which they voiced their concerns against crime, farm murders and black economic empowerment. The events were attended by the likes of Steve Hofmeyr and Sunette Bridges.

They even launched a now-defunct website titled Perhaps the SACP should consider buying the domain as it is currently up for sale.

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