Morocco Withdraws from 7th Preparatory Ministerial Meeting of TICAD to Protest Presence of Polisario


Tokyo  –  The Moroccan delegation, which was attending the ministerial meeting to prepare for the 7th Summit of the Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD), withdrew from the meeting room to protest against the presence of the “Polisario“, according to Maghreb Arab Press.

During the preparatory ministerial meeting, scheduled on October 5 to 7, members of the Polisario entered Japan using Algerian passports and got accreditation using badges of the Commission of African Union, said the source.

Having noted this break-in and without wishing to disrupt the meeting, the Japanese Foreign Minister made a statement reaffirming the unchanged position of Japan by announcing that “even if a group claiming to be a State, which Japan does not recognize, is present in this room, this does not mean in any way that Japan recognizes it, implicitly or explicitly, as being a State”.

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Despite all maneuvers undertaken by the separatists with the help fog Algeria and South Africa, Japan has maintained a firm position and opposed any involvement of an entity that it does not recognize, in accordance with international law and the TICAD format that has existed since 1993, said the same source.

The same source added that the preparatory meeting of senior officials, held on Friday, October 5, 2018, was postponed several times and shortened, because of the refusal of the host country to allow the presence of the fake “SADR”.

Having noted the presence of the Polisario at the ministerial meeting, the Moroccan delegation decided to withdraw from the room in protest, said the source.