Omar Hilale on Nikki Haley’s Resignation From UN: ‘We will Miss Her’


Rabat- “We will miss her,” said Morocco’s permanent representative to the UN, Omar Hilale, of Nikki Haley’s departure from ambassadorship.

Following Nikki Haley’s resignation as US ambassador to the United Nations, accepted by US President Donald Trump on Tuesday, Hilale told Fox News that she will be missed.

“I worked with her two years and from the beginning it was a warm, personal relationship and Morocco will never forget her,” he stated.

Haley did not present her reasons for leaving the position, but said she believes that government officials must know “when it’s time to step aside.”

Trump appointed Haley, who previously served as the governor of South Carolina, in 2017 as ambassador to the UN. Haley also served as a temporary president of the UN Security Council for one month.

Haley’s resignation comes just weeks before a Security Council meeting on Western Sahara to decide on the mandate of MINURSO, the UN mission in Western Saha