Casablanca to Assess Street Cleaning with Digital Platform


Rabat- Casablanca will put in place a digital platform to assess and supervise the work of street cleaning companies.

A development firm, Casa Prestations, in charge of monitoring, managing, and developing public services providers has launched a tender for the development of the platform, which will end on October 31.

The platform will include a GPS to track the activities of the cleaning firms as well as a communication tool to allow close monitoring and analysis of the work.

The goal of the platform, in addition to allowing Casa Prestations to efficiently evaluate the cleaning firm, is to sustainably improve the service.

The platform will also contain a “penalty” section. The section will follow in real time the activities of the cleaning vehicles, and allow authorities to potentially sanction employees who do not follow directions properly.

Casablanca is frequently criticized for the trash in its neighbourhoods. The platform would represent a new approach to solving the problem.