Morocco to Host Chiefs of Staff of African Armed Forces


Rabat – Marrakech is expected to host a high-profile security symposium on new challenges facing African countries.

The meeting is organized by the Moroccan Royal Armed Forces (FAR) in collaboration with the US Air Force and European partners of AFRICOM, the US army command in Africa.

Organizers say that the convention will gather chiefs of staff from 40 African countries and is part of Morocco’s intra-African or Pan-African agenda.

Since its return to the African Union in early 2017, Morocco has regularly brought up the need to promote intra-African exchanges and continental collaboration on strategic topics, ranging from continental security to commercial mobility across Africa.

During the three-day-long summit, expected between October 21 and 23, participants will discuss “national and regional security challenges in relation with developing bilateral and multilateral military cooperation.”

Along with the wide range of topics to be discussed, participants will emphasize devising a coordinated African response mechanism to extremist terrorism and ideology-based violence on the African continent.