Meghan Markle Just PROVED She’s Pregnant, Twitter Thinks


No, really, this time we know for certain.

This time it has to be true.

This time there is definitive proof, okay?!?

This is basically what Twitter users are saying in the wake of Princess Eugenie’s wedding, at which Meghan Markle was spotted in an overcoat that folks are positive was used to hide her growing baby bump.

Yes, it’s time for more Meghan Markle pregnancy speculation!

Do people have a point this time around, though?

Check out her ensemble below and then check out a handful of reactions from interested Internet users…

1. Rocking the Overcoat

That’s a rather large overcoat, Meghan Markle. Are you hiding something under it?

2. Is She Bumpin?

Is She Bumpin?

Meghan Markle could not just attend Princess Eugenie’s wedding in peace. She was the subject of many pregnancy rumors thanks to this outfit.

3. Was It Cold in There?

Was It Cold in There?

Markle kept her overcoat on throughout Princess Eugenie’s wedding. Fans can’t help but be curious about why.

4. It’s Being Called!

It's Being Called!

5. Forget the Coat. Look at the Face.

Forget the Coat. Look at the Face.

6. I Lost Sleep for This!

I Lost Sleep for This!

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Source: thehollywoodgossip