King Mohammed VI to Deliver Speech on 43rd Anniversary of Green March


Rabat – The speech will be broadcast on Moroccan television channels and radio stations. The day commemorates Moroccans’ retaking of Western Sahara after the Spanish left in 1975.

Last year, at the 42nd anniversary, King Mohammed VI reaffirmed Morocco’s position on Western Sahara.

In the speech, the monarch emphasized Morocco’s established principles and framework of reference.

Morocco considers the principles outlined in the King’s speech as the foundations of the Moroccan position on Western Sahara. The four principles include Morocco’s refusal of any solution the Western Sahara conflict other “than within the framework of Morocco’s full sovereignty over its Sahara and the Autonomy Initiative,” said the King.

The monarch added that Morrocco will “draw lessons from past experience,” “ensure full compliance with the terms of reference adopted by the UN Security Council,” and completely reject “any transgression or attempt to infringe on Morocco’s legitimate rights or its best interests.”

The Green March is a historical event that reminds the nation of King Hassan II and his famous speech when he called on citizens on October 16 to stage a peaceful march into Western Sahara to end Spain’s colonization of the territory.

“We have to do one thing dear people and that is to undertake a peaceful march from the north, the east, the west to the south. It behooves us to act as one man in order to join the Sahara,” King Hassan II said.

Citizens from the east to the north took the King’s speech to heart. More than 350,000 Moroccans took part in the peaceful march.