Jenelle Evans to Be Fired In Response to Petition From Thousands of Teen Mom 2 Fans?


Jenelle Evans’ time at MTV may soon be coming to an end.

Jenelle’s been a controversial figure from the very beginning of her time in the spotlight, but in recent months, the Carolina Hurricane has hit rock bottom in previously unimaginable ways.

While there may have been a time when the constant drama was regarded as a source of amusement by Teen Mom 2 fans, no one is laughing these days.

And tens of thousands of fans are now circulating a petition urging the show’s producers to take action before someone gets seriously injured — or worse.

Take a look:

1. The Carolina Hurricane

Jenelle has always been an agent of chaos, but these days, there’s more evidence than ever that her reckless behavior is creating an unsafe environment for her children.

2. Beyond Rock Bottom

Beyond Rock Bottom

The situation has gotten so bad that many fans are convinced this is nothing less than a matter of life and death.

3. Taking Action

Taking Action

Now, more than 20,000 Teen Mom 2 viewers have sent a message to MTV that by continuing to employ Jenelle Evans, the network is condoning child abuse and endangerment.

4. Join the Fight

Join the Fight

Click the link above in order to sign the petition to have Jenelle fired.

5. Dangerous Dave

Dangerous Dave

Much of the concern among fans, of course, has to do with Jenelle’s husband, David Eason.

6. Weird Flex

Weird Flex

David recently boasted that the Department of Child and Family Sevices had been called to the Easons’ home more than 20 times in the span of a single year.

7. House of Horrors

House of Horrors

Of course, fans don’t need to imagine what goes on behind closed doors in the Eason household.

8. A History of Violence

A History of Violence

Jenelle and David have racked up numerous assault arrests between the two of them, and he’s been caught on camera verbally abusing his stepchildren.

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