Photos Symbolize Morocco’s Key Contributions in WWI, WWII


Rabat – Photos of the King and the Crown Prince standing along with other world leaders symbolize Morocco’s key contributions during the two World Wars.

The King and Moulay El Hassan were greeted by world leaders, including French President Emmanuel Macron and US President Donald Trump. The picture of the Moroccan monarch sitting in the first row next to the world leaders was widely shared by thousands of Moroccans.

Many pointed out that the picture shows the gratitude that France has toward Morocco for the role Moroccans played in WWI and WWII.

King Mohammed VI and Crown Prince sitting in the first row next to the world leaders


A picture of Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan shaking hands with US President Donald Trump symbolizes Morocco’s major contribution in the second World War.

The picture, which also features King Mohammed VI and other world leaders, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, also provides a symbolic image for the world. The photo reminds people of the late King Hassan II and his participation in 1943 that marked a turning point in WWII and on Morocco’s subsequent independence.

Several world leaders participated in the Anfa Conference, including former US President Franklin D. Roosevelt and former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Some people shared the photo of the Crown Prince during his participation at today’s event and a similar photo of the late King Hassan II during his participation at the Anfa Conference in Casablanca at the age of 14 along with his father, Sultan Mohammed V.

How in 1943, Casablanca Played a Determining Point in Modern Human HistoryAnfa Conference in Casablanca

Despite his young age, the Crown Prince made several appearances in official events inside and outside Morocco. His first appearance was in 2017 at the One Summit in France, where he was warmly welcomed by world leaders. Today marks the second official international appearance of Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan.

World Leaders walking today to the Arc of

Morocco’s contribution

Nearly 40,000 Moroccan soldiers participated in the first World War. The soldiers took part in every major battle throughout the period of the first World War. Moroccan soldiers accounted for seven present of the colonial troops fighting alongside France.

Moroccan soldiers, whose major participation during World War I was commended throughout the world, also took part in the second World War. Known as “mountain warriors,” the Moroccan soldiers showed bravery during the second World War.

Historians believe that Morocco contributed 85,000, soldiers between 1942 and 1945. The number represents more than double the amount of soldiers who contributed to the first World War (40,000).

More than 1,000 soldiers died in action, while more than 800 were wounded.

The Moroccan soldiers participated in major and fierce battles during the second World War in the Mediterranean, including in Tunisia, Corsica, and Sicily, and in the liberation of  Marseille. Moroccan soldiers also participated in battles to liberate Paris.