More Students Walk Out in Protest of Time Change

Moroccan students protesting in front of the Moroccan parliament against Daylight Saving Light

Rabat – Two weeks ago, Morocco announced that the country would be staying on GMT+1 time year-round instead of reverting back to GMT.

The move, announced two days before the scheduled change, was widely criticized for not allowing citizens and companies enough time to adjust.

In the decree, the government said the new rule was “to avoid many changes that occur many times during the year and repercussions at many levels.” It also indicated that the permanent DST will be adopted as “an experiment.”

The Ministry of National Education said that protests against the new school hours were “isolated cases.” In Rabat, some protestors gathered in front of parliament; reports from Casablanca say students occupied the stairwells of the Twin Center.

Last Friday, the Ministry of Education issued a memo to schools nationwide, encouraging them to adapt the new school hours. Normally, schools begin at 8 AM and end at 6 PM, allowing two hours for lunch.

With the new hours, students in urban areas begin at 9 AM, end at 5 PM, and have a two hour lunch break, while schools in rural areas begin at 9 AM, end at 3 PM, and only allot 30 minutes for lunch.