90 Day Fiance: Most Shocking Scandals Exposed!


90 Day Fiance is a hit reality show for a reason — and part of that is that it attracts some intriguing characters.

A lot of them are just people who are deeply in love. Some are lovestruck fools.

Then there are the gold-diggers, the people who just want US residency, the liars, and the Americans who are looking for a mail-order spouse.

But some of these people are truly scandalous.

There are revenge porn accusations, arrests, and some scammers so sleazy that they’ll make your hair stand on end.

Here are the biggest scandals that 90 Day Fiance has to offer … so far.

1. Let’s start with Larissa’s arrest

Larissa Dos Santos Lima, when she flew from Brazil to Las Vegas to marry Colt, was probably not expecting to end up behind bars.

2. The two had a huge fight

The two had a huge fight

Colt wanted to keep things vague on social media to avoid spoiling for viewers that they’re still together, which Larissa found hurtful. This apparently culminated in an intense argument

3. Colt tried to diffuse things, and that’s when things got worse

Colt tried to diffuse things, and that's when things got worse

Colt says that he took Larissa’s phone in the hopes that she’d calm down, but instead she panicked and locked herself in the bathroom and begged fans for help. Police arrived and handcuffed Colt, but ultimately arrested Larissa for domestic battery. But they decided to stay married

4. And then there’s Angela

And then there's Angela

Angela Deem is known for being gregarious but also having a short fuse. Now, she’s also known for having gotten a DUI. After being pulled over for doing 60 in a 35 zone, she accused the officer of being “racist” and of targeting her because his brother dated her daughter.

5. And speaking of Angela Deem’s daughter …

And speaking of Angela Deem's daughter ...

Scottie Deem also appeared on 90 Day Fiance. Scottie’s personal history is enough of a mess that she’s appeared on Maury — TWICE. Unfortunately, the reason for her arrest is much more serious. She’s been charged with over a dozen counts of child molestation. This is upsetting and truly unspeakable. And curiously, she had been arrested before TLC ever filmed her.

6. And then there’s Jorge Nava

And then there's Jorge Nava

His relationship with his wife Anfisa Arkhipchenko was complicated enough BEFORE he was arrested

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