Moroccan Mother Angrily Beats Son in Video, Yells “Tell Your Father to Divorce Me”


A spine-chilling video of a Moroccan woman beating her child, as she repeats the phrase “tell your father to divorce me,” has circulated social media, shocking and angering Moroccans.

Rabat- The mother recorded her son, who appeared to be just six years old, as she ruthlessly swatted his bare skin. “Tell you father to divorce me,” she menaced while the child screamed and wailed in pain.

The 33-second-long footage shows glimpses of the child’s toys lying forgotten amid the violence, as he pleads for his absent father to “come now and divorce her; she’s hitting me.”

The angry mother, continuing to strike the child, said to her son: “are you two ganging up on me?”

The woman’s identity has not yet been identified. Moroccans on social media, appalled, condemned her behavior as child abuse.

Moroccan child’s rights organization “Matkisch Weldi” (meaning “do not touch my child” in English) denounced the violence and called on authorities to open an immediate investigation into the incident, said Moroccan news outlet Alyaoum24.