America’s Verizon Wireless Expanded its Coverage to Morocco


Rabat – Verizon Wireless just expanded their services to 54 additional countries, including Morocco, offering its customers data usage outside of its coverage area.

The company only mentioned 5 countries, namely Qatar, Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and Kenya.

The telecom provider has just enabled its American customers to use their smartphones to access to Internet, make calls, and texting, the same way as home.

Billed at $ 10 a day, customers can benefit from 24 hour connection sessions with a total volume of 500 MB.

Once the Internet volume is consumed, customers can purchase a second pack of 500 MB.

On days when the internet is not used, the 10 dollars will not be charged.

The roaming fee can be reduced to half if traveling to Mexico or Canada.

Verizon revealed that 33 countries can be concluded in the Internationally Monthly Plans. This means that users will be billed monthly rather than daily.

With this new expansion, Verizon now has coverage in 185 countries around the world.

To activate the TravelPass service, the customer must send the word “Travel” by SMS to 4004, or online or via the carrier’s application.