Tuju says Jubilee intact ‘despite difference of opinion’


That is part and parcel of politics anywhere in the world where people enjoy freedom of speech and expression,” Tuju said/FILE

, NAIROBI, Kenya Jan 9 – Jubilee Party Secretary General Raphael Tuju has poured cold water on the perceived cracks within the ruling coalition noting that theirs is nothing unique about party members differing on opinion on national issues.

Tuju who spoke to journalists at the party headquarters on Wednesday afternoon dismissed claims that President Uhuru Kenyatta’s outfit is on the verge of disintegrating due to the 2022 succession race.

He maintained that the party was intact despite the 2022 debate that has dominated the political arena in recent days and further denied the existence of rival camps within the party, days after the resignation of the party’s Vice Chairman David Murathe.

Tuju acknowledged receipt of Murathe’s resignation letter.

“In the last few weeks, we have been treated to a robust political discourse perceived as both positive and negative within and outside the party. That is part and parcel of politics anywhere in the world where people enjoy freedom of speech and expression,” Tuju said in what appeared to be a strategy to calm the flaring temperatures within the party.

Tuju who has been labelled by Deputy President William Ruto’s allies as one of the individuals not supporting his candidature told off his critics to remain focused on delivering the government’s Big Four agenda.

While being evasive to reporters’ questions on the subject of whether he has doubts on Ruto’s 2022 bid, Tuju said he was not interested to delve into the subject but rather was keen in ensuring the party delivers on campaign pledges it made to the electorate.

“The party is on course with respect to its vision and mission for the country and the President has been clear on that,” he said.

The Cabinet Secretary without portfolio found himself on the receiving end four days ago during his late brother’s burial when he seemed to have reservations on Ruto’s quest to succeed President Kenyatta once his terms ends.

Following his remarks, a section of leaders have sought for his resignation from the party but on Wednesday Tuju was less concerned and instead dared them to proceed with the process to have him kicked out.

“I am not bothered by what their plans are but I would like to tell them to focus on delivering what they signed up for,” he said.

Leaders who have been critical of President Kenyatta’s development agenda in the country were also dismissed by Tuju who emphasised Kenyatta was determined to take development in all parts of the country.

“As Jubilee we will endeavour to implement programs of constructive engagement to persuade all who live in Kenya that our destiny is intertwined and our viability as a modern, stable and peaceful country is only possible and sustainable within the context of inclusivity and shared prosperity and by embracing each other as brother and sisters,” he said.

While giving his assurances on party members who are concerned on how the affairs of the party are being conducted, Tuju said the outfit would soon launch its party academy and open its branches across the 47 counties.

He added that the party was preparing to have its internal elections once the tenure of its current serving members who are on interim basis lapses in 2020.

Tuju reiterated that the party is steadfast to ensure that the fruits of the handshake that culminated into a political truce between President Kenyatta and NASA leader Raila Odinga are achieved.

“We are ready to take the first bold step away from ethnically based politics. It may take time and sacrifices for the paradigm to change, but change it must,” he said.


Source: capitalfm