Moroccan Students in Ukraine Continue to Suffer Police Violence

Moroccan medical student In Ukraine

Rabat –, a Facebook page, has condemned what it calls increasing violence against Moroccan students in Ukraine.

The Facebook page shared pictures yesterday of a Moroccan medical student beaten by Ukrainian police last year.

The post tells how Moroccan medical student Saad Ghazi was subjected to violence from “a special unit of Ukrainian police who tried to extort money from him.”

When Ghazi refused to give them money, the police roughed him up.

“Thursday, December 20, he found those same policemen trying to extort money from another Moroccan.” Ghazi then tried to “defend his Moroccan fellow.”

The police asked Ghazi to leave, but he refused.

“Or what? Are you going to hit me?” he asked the police.

Saad Ghazi’s father, Mustapha Ghazi, was quoted by Pharmastudents as saying, “He was furious to see that they were attacking a fellow Moroccan.”

Mustapha also said that the police hit his son’s face while Saad was on the ground.

A video circulating on media shows the incident.

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“We filed a complaint, because Saad did not do anything. They tried to scare us by saying that the police could turn the incident against him, but if he was guilty, they would have come looking for him,” the father added.

Photos circulating on media show the student’s face covered in blood and with bruised eyes.

Mustapha told that the Moroccan embassy in Ukraine did not support his son.

According to the Facebook page, in 2017, a Moroccan student was found killed in Kharkov.

Police said that the man’s body was found with knife wounds.