International Artists to Talk Social Responsibility in Fez

Fez Morocco Traditionnal Market

Rabat – The 4th International Gathering will hold panel discussions, musical concerts, screenings, and photography workshops with several artists from Morocco and other countries in attendance.

This year, the event will address “the role and challenges of the arts with social responsibility in Morocco and in the Arab world.”

The 2019 Fez gathering seeks to emphasize the relationship between arts and social responsibility in the modern Arab world and create solutions to the challenges facing it.

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The gathering will open on Thursday, January 17, at the Alif Riad in Morocco’s cultural capital, Fez, and will last until January 20.

On the last day of the event, artists and participants will be in for a visit to the various art spaces, galleries, studios, and artistic organizations in the city.

Artists and intellectuals of different ages and nationalities, including the painter with several art exhibitions Mia Funk, Moroccan artist Zainab Fasiki, British author Susanna Clarke, Dutch photographer Francesc Serra and more, will participate.

The Fez gathering is an international platform for interaction, reflection, networking, and the sharing of creative and modern ideas.

In its previous version themed “Africa of the Africans,” the event answered the following questions: “What is the role of the arts in Africa?”; “Can the arts, imbued with values of social responsibility, create new forms of expression?”; and “Can a new perspective of the arts lead to new social, regional and national policies?”