Imlil Murders: Danish People Donate to Men Who ‘Helped’ Police


Rabat – Danish news outlet B.T. reported that a group of Danish people collected money for Said El Ossoul and a fellow vendor, who allegedly contributed to the arrest of suspects in the murder of Louisa Vesterager Jespersen and Maren Ueland near Imlil in the Atlas Mountains in December.

Said El Ossoul, who works as a merchant next to a Marrakech bus station, told B.T. that he is not asking for anything in return for reporting the suspects, who were attempting to escape from Marrakech after the killing of the Scandinavian tourists.

“I am Moroccan, and my country means a lot to me. When I found out what they had done to the two girls, it hurt me in the heart. I could not sleep at all afterwards,” he said.

Ossoul said that he is also “afraid.”

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“You never know what sympathizers the terrorists can think of. I just hope the police are looking after me and my family, ” he added.

Ossoul said that he will use the money collected for him to repair his house.

“You have seen how my roof is falling together. When it rains, I and my family live in the middle of the water inside the house.”

He added that he will also take care of his father and mother “who are both sick.”

B.T. reported that a Danish individual named Tina Flensborg Jensen started  the initiative to collect money for Ossoul, and that 106 people donated.

“I had no imagination at all to think that so many people would be involved. I just think I would do something for this poor man and his colleague,” Jensen said.

Morocco’s Central Bureau of Judicial Investigation (BCIJ) arrested three of the four main suspects on December 20. The first suspect was arrested on December 18.

The spokesperson of the General Directorate of National Security (DGSN), Boubkar Sabik, commented on the alleged contribution of the two vendors, saying that the arrest was purely conducted in collaboration among Morocco’s security services. In his interview with Moroccan television channel 2M, Sabik denied that the men helped security services to arrest the suspects.

He said that the police had specific information about the identities of the suspects before their arrest.

However, he expressed gratitude to the men who believe that they have contributed to the arrest of the suspects, emphasizing the importance of collaboration between citizens and security agencies.