Morocco’s Education Ministry Denies Neglecting Palestine in Schoolbook

Moroccan book showing jerusalem as capital of israel

Rabat – The Ministry of National Education has “categorically denied” on Friday that a recognized schoolbook included a map that does not show Palestine.

In a statement quoted by Maghreb Arab Press (MAP), the ministry categorically denied that an approved schoolbook would contain a map without Palestine.

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The Moroccan government has long supported the Palestinian cause. Moroccans on social media found it surprising that a Moroccan schoolbook would contain a map without Palestine.

The Moroccan Anti-Normalization Center shared a post about the book on its official Facebook page, pointing out the danger of “normalizing” the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The center called for the government to open an investigation into the book.

King Mohammed VI was among the international leaders who condemned Donald Trump’s decision to announce Jerusalem as the Israeli capital in December 2017.