Moroccan Police Will Learn to Speak 3 Foreign Languages

Members of Morocco’s General Directorate of National Security (DGSN)

Rabat – Morocco’s General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) has introduced a training program in three foreign languages, French, English, and Spanish for its members so that they can smoothly communicate with foreigners.

The program seeks to enable police officers to aid foreign residents and tourists visiting the country.

The language program is part of an initiative to modernize and positively transform Morocco’s security services.

Trainees at the Royal Institute of Police will reportedly be the first to benefit from the program before its full integration in the pedagogical training program.

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Arabic and Tamazight (berber language) are the two official languages in Morocco, whereas French is the first foreign language in the country.

The program is within the framework of DGSN’s goal to include modern technologies in its training programs in order to improve security in the country.

Statistics show Morocco is already generally a safe country. The US Department of State ranked Morocco among the world’s least dangerous countries in its January 2018 report.

The global risk expert International SOS also launched the 2019 Travel Risk Map, showing Morocco as a country with “low” risk,  as safe as most European countries, the US, and Canada.

The study takes into account “the travel security risk rating” which is based on threats posed to travellers by political violence, terrorism, social unrest and crime.