South-West Will Vote En Masse For Buhari’s Re-Election –Shillings

Barrister Sahid Shillings

Barrister Sahid Shillings, a chieftain of All Progressives Congress (APC) in Lagos State is a former Chairman, Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Ikorodu Branch. In this interview with Afis Kareem, he bears his mind on some issues of national interest. Excerpts:

Bearing in mind the performance of the President Muhammadu Buhari administration, would you say the South- West region, will support the APC administration in the coming election?

South west as a region has always supported APC-led administration and this they have been doing passionately and we can all witness that. The fact that this administration is using its first term in government, one cannot compare the success recorded to that of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)-led government. The administration of President Muhammadu Buhari  is always listening to the yearnings of the people. The fact that we are yet to have a robust economy, the government is trying all they could to ensure we have Nigeria of our dream. Our position is loud and clear. We are for APC.  The direction of south west and Lagos in this year elections is with the people’s mandates.  Lagos is known to be an APC state, a progressive party that wants the best for common man. For me, the goodwill of Mr. President has spoken for him and convinces that South West votes will earn Buhari victory in the election.

Barely a month to the general elections, APC as a party is still having issues with various court orders preventing those fielding candidates for elections in Rivers State. What are the implications on the party performance in the coming elections?

Yes, there is court order from Federal High Court in Port Harcourt; Rivers State nullified the primaries conducted by the factions of the party. The truth is that APC is a one big family that everyone wants to associate with and as a result of this, there are tendency for some little misunderstanding that may arise because of different ideas that people want to contribute for the growth of the party. It will be thing of the past. However, the leadership of the party are studying the ruling and are reaching out to the individual involves to work for the interest of the party in order to come victory in the election. So, the order will not have any negative implications on the party performance in the election rather it will be work in progress for the party.

Do you think President Buhari will perform better if he gets a second term ticket?

When you look back at what he has done since 2015 when he came in as president of this country, you will agree with me that he will do better. Many people erroneously believed that President Buhari is not fighting corruption because none of those already arrested, detained or accused by the EFFC has been convicted. But President Buhari wants to set up a special Anti- Corruption court and he named the bill as “The Special Criminal Courts Acts” which has been submitted to the National Assembly) since last year. But they refused to look into it and never thought of passing it into law. The same thing is happening to many bills sent to the National Assembly but they never consider it as priority. And if corruption is not tackled and the judiciary is not reorganised to tackle corruption, how will Nigeria move from the status of Developing country to become Developed Nation? So, I believe that  President Buhari will perform better if elected for second term in office.