Algeria’s Bouteflika to Run for 5th Term


Rabat – Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika is seeking re-election for the fifth term in this year’s presidential election.

During a press conference held on Saturday, Algerian Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia announced his belief that Bouteflika will run for a fifth term in the election campaign, which will take place on April 18.

Ouyahia said that Bouteflika remains “the best candidate.”

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Two other candidates will run for the election campaign,including former prime minister Ali Benflis and Ret Gen Ali Ghediri.

The opposition party, Rally for Culture and Democracy is opposing Bouteflika’s re-election.

The Punch quoted RCD spokesman Yassine Aissiouane as saying that “there will be no election but an appointment of the head of state.”

Several analysts and journalists recommended Bouteflika withdraw from the presidential election, questioning his ability to lead.

Some have also accused the Algerian regime of manoeuvers to make Bouteflika’s campaign successful.

In 2018, the Algerian government sacked several top military officers for alleged corruption. Several analysts said that the purge of military officers is a clearing of the way for Bouteflika’s candidacy.

In September 2018, the Alternative News Agency of Argentina published an article by Adalberto Agozino who analyzed the political earthquake in Algeria’s military.

The analyst interpreted Algeria’s sacking of military officers as a means to “steal” the next election and questioned Bouteflika’s ability to fulfill a fifth term as president.

Former French Ambassador to Algeria Bernard Bajolet also questioned Bouteflika’s ability to lead. He said that Bouteflika is kept alive “artificially.”