Farrah Abraham: My Daughter Loves My Nude Pics!


Farrah Abraham …

Do we honestly even need to do an introduction at this point?

Farrah did something awful and inappropriate that will likely warp her poor daughter’s mind forever.

It’s hardly the first time.

Yes, it involves nude photos. Yes, for real.

Let’s just get right into the madness, all right?

1. OK …

Before we get started, let’s just take a few deep breaths. Let’s center ourselves, get into a calm headspace, and really prepare ourselves for the horror that is another story about Farrah Abraham’s parenting.

2. We Good?

We Good?

Let’s go.

3. Real Talk

Real Talk

If we’re being perfectly honest, and you know we are, Farrah has never been a great parent.

4. Fair Enough

Fair Enough

In the beginning, it may have been a little understandable. After all, she was still legally a child herself when she gave birth to Sophia, and the girl’s father passed away before she was even born.

5. However …

However ...

But as time went on, she really became just an absolute train wreck.

6. Poor Kid

Poor Kid

When Sophia was a baby, Farrah would often leave her in places and situations where she could — and sometimes did — get hurt. On the edge of a tall bad, at the top of a staircase, in a sink during bathtime … she left her unsupervised in all those spots.

Source: thehollywoodgossip