Cameroon ‘secessionists’ torch bilingual school


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APAnews | Suspected secessionists of the northwest and southwestern English-speaking regions have set fire to the Zavion Bilingual High School in Babadjou District, Bambutos Department, APA learned on Wednesday.

According to several witnesses, the incident took place on Tuesday when dozens of people armed with guns and bladed weapons and claiming to be secessionist militias from the northwest torched the school.

Shouting slogans critical of Cameroon, the attackers also burned down the car of the school principal and ransacked several buildings.

There was no casualty or hostage taken.

Before Babadjou, the secessionists targeted the Fongo-Tongo in the Menoua, where at least two people were reportedly kidnapped by them before returning to their base in the southwest region.

A few weeks ago, Bangourain (West) was severally attacked ostensibly by English-speaking fighters who set fire to about 100 houses, kidnapped about ten people and killed three others.

The Governor of the Western Region, Awa Fonka Augustine has promised to strengthen security in that part of the country, including the deployment of the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR).