Fernanda Flores: Jonathan Put Me Through HELL!


Ever since Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores split, the 90 Day Fiance pair have been making veiled statements on social media.

Until now, the latest barb from either side was Fernanda accusing Jonathan of being disloyal.

That was before Fernanda took to Instagram to reflect upon going through “hell” — that was the word she used.

Perhaps she meant it as an insult towards Jonathan, or maybe she just wanted to sound inspiring.

Either way, she received intense backlash from fans.

Fernanda ended up revising her words.

Take a look for yourself and decide exactly what she’s trying to say about her ex:

1. Fernanda Flores is getting slammed

It began when she reflected upon having gone through “hell,” presumably during her marriage to her now estranged husband, Jonathan Rivera.

2. She shared this photo

She shared this photo

While Fernanda is a gorgeous model and looks great in this bra, it was her caption that drew the ire of fans once the pic had drawn their eye.

3. This is the original version

This is the original version

Yes, this is the “original,” because Fernanda changed it after some massive backlash. This screenshot was snapped by 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates, who also preserved some of the intense comments that you’re about to see.

4. She went through HELL?

She went through HELL?

One woman speaks about the devastating impact that cancer has had on her family. Another commenter laughs at the idea of an 18-year-old giving her advice (point of order: Fernanda is 20). Another says what everyone is thinking: that describing her experience as “hell” sounds a little over-the-top.

5. Fernanda replied to some

Fernanda replied to some

After one tried to call her out on doling out sage wisdom, Fernanda replied: “You don’t know me; You only know what I allow you to know.” True enough. Unlike some of her castmates (Leida, Larissa), Fernanda’s life is not an open book.

6. And the hits kept coming

And the hits kept coming

Again and again, Fernanda was reminded that some people’s lives are so much worse than hers, and that experiencing a breakup is bad, but not on a scale where people are going to chime in if she’s feeling sorry for herself.

Source: thehollywoodgossip