Injuries from “solid object” caused death of Sudanese detained teacher:


February 7, 2019 (KHARTOUM) – The death of a Sudanese detained teacher was due to injuries caused by a “solid object” introduced to his back, says an official report released by an investigation body on Thursday.

A Sudanese school teacher died in custody last Saturday, after being arrested in connection with the ongoing anti-government protests.

Ahmed al-Kheir Awad al-Karim, 36 years, a teacher in Sudan’s eastern town of Khashm Al-Girba, Kassala State was tortured to death by the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS).

“The cause of death is from various injuries to his body from a solid, flexible object, to his back, kidneys and thighs, and between his legs,” said Amer Mohamed Ibrahim the chairman of a state commission of inquiry formed following his death.

The public prosecutor further told reporters that no toxins were found in the teacher’s body according to the medical report.

Previously, a local police official said the teacher’s death was caused by food poisoning.

A former detainee who was jailed and tortured at the same time with Awad al-Karim said in a video after his release that the security agents threatened the victim telling him that they will introduce a baton into the anus.

Amer told reporters that the Supreme Investigator has requested the Kassala State Director of Security to provide him with the names of the security agents who interrogated the victim and those who transported him to Kassala to take legal action against them.


Source: sudantribune