Canada Sentences Quebec Mosque Shooter to Life in Prison

The Canadian shooter who killed 6 people in a Quebec city mosque in 2017. Photo Credit: MATHIEU BELANGER/REUTERS

Rabat – The Canadian shooter who killed 6 people in a Quebec city mosque in 2017 received a life sentence.

According to BBC, the 29-year old will not be eligible parole for 40 years.

The judge of the court,  Francois Huot, refused to accept a prosecution request for a 150-year prison sentence against the defendant, explaining that it exceeds his life expectancy.

The judge added that this sentence, which would have been the longest in Canada’s history, would be an unusual sentence in Canadian law.

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The judge, however, condemned the crime.

Quoted by Times of India, the judge said, “With your hatred and racism, you’ve ruined their lives, yours and your parents and the crime you’ve done deserves the greatest denunciation.”

In the courtroom, the defendant said that he regretted his deeds, denying that he is Islamophobic.

The armed man carried out the attack during the evening prayer, entering the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec and opening fire in all directions. The terrorist killed six people and injured several others.

On Monday, February 4, the Quebec government gave several victims of the shooting awards.

Azeddine Soufiane, a Moroccan man killed in the shooting, received the Good Citizen medal for bravery posthumous.

Canada gave the Moroccan man the medal for trying to hold the murderer back when he was attempting to reload his weapon.

However, the terrorist freed himself and killed Soufiane.

Soufiane’s wife and his three children received the medal on his behalf.