5 Places to Take Your Valentine in Rabat

The Cedar Lounge in Rabat

Rabat – While Rabat is known for being the political and administrative hub of Morocco, most people do not think of it as being especially romantic. However, if you know the right places, there are no shortage of cute date spots in Rabat.

Picnic at the Chellah

Photo credit: Instagram @ojrobert

On a sunny day, there is no more beautiful spot in Rabat than this historical site. Pack up a picnic blanket and a basket and head to the Chellah for a beautiful lunch surrounded by ancient Roman ruins, green gardens, and trees topped with storks.

This date is a perfectly easy and cost-effective option, as all you have to do is pack some to-go sandwiches, fruit, and sweets, and pay the minimal fee to enter the Chellah.

Dinner and a movie

Photo credit: Instagram @ojrobert

The Friday night classic date of dinner and a movie is easily doable in Rabat. Casa Jose in Hassan is a great option for dinner because it is in walking distance from two excellent cinemas.

After enjoying a selection of Spanish tapas at the restaurant, head to either Cineatlas or Renaissance Cinema to catch a romantic flick.

Exotic Gardens of Bouknadel

Photo credit: Garden Design by Carolyn Mullet Facebook

These exotic gardens are a perfect place to walk around and chat with a date. I recommend you take a whole afternoon to fully enjoy the gardens and all they have to offer.

The MAD 20 entry fee is a small price to pay for an afternoon of peace and quiet among nature with your date.

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Drink at the Cedar Lounge

Photo credit: The Cedar Lounge Facebook

This bar on the 14th floor of the View Hotel in Hay Riad is perfect for an extra special date or if you simply have a reason to celebrate. With panoramic views of Rabat and live music often on offer, this is the most sophisticated place to take your date for a drink.

Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

Photo credit: Muhcine Ennou / FNM.

If your date is an art-lover, a museum is always a solid choice, especially on a rainy day when some other outdoor options are off the table. As well as Moroccan art, the museum has also been home to Goya and Picasso exhibitions so it is worth checking what is on before you plan your date.

Tickets cost MAD 40 each.

Source: moroccoworldnews.com