Amzazi: Contractual Teachers Knew They Could Not Join Public Service

Said Amzazi, Moroccan Minister of Education.

Rabat – Despite a security crackdown on their February 20 protest, contractual teachers are determined to continue their protests against lack of “social dialogue” negotiations with government.

Moroccan Minister of Education Said Amzazi commented on the situation yesterday at a press conference about Regional Academies of Education and Training Senior Teachers (AREF).

Amzazi said the government recruited teachers by contract with an aim at “improving the regional academies as public institutions with administrative and financial autonomy and controlling their human resources.”

Protests swept the country as teachers are holding six days of sit-ins in all regional education academies in Tetouan, Kenitra, Fez, Agadir, and Casablanca.

The regional academies also allegedly cut the teachers’ salaries for absenteeism and protesting last year.

Some protesters in Rabat were invited to sleep in the headquarters of the Moroccan National Coordination of Teachers (CNPCC) while protesting, a source told Morocco World News yesterday.

Amzazi said that the government adopted a special status as of September 1, 2018 to secure the administrative professional career of AREF senior teachers.

“The status provides the rights and obligations relating to basic and continuous training, social protection and motivation throughout the career.”

Amzazi also added that the recruitment of  teachers nu cp,tracts os a, irreversivel strategic choice.”

“The ministry is willing to improve the new status of AREF employees, whenever necessary, in order to improve the quality of education and guarantees teachers the necessary stability and motivation.”

The ministry added that all recruited teachers were informed of all the clauses contained in the contract they signed and committed themselves voluntarily.

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The contract, according to Amzazi, makes it clear that the teachers are not allowed to join public service.

Earlier this month, the National Federation of Teachers (UMNT) called on the ministry to provide fair and urgent solutions for contractual teachers to end the tension.

The federation also accused the government of “discriminating between teachers for a fixed term.”

Contractual teachers also complained that without being integrated into the public sector, they do not get access to health coverage and the pension fund.