Ministry of Education Proposes a Reform for Contractual Teachers

Minister of education Said Amzazi

Rabat – Morocco’s ministry of higher education has announced it will abolish the contractual employment of teachers for a fixed term and proposed instead to hire them permanently within the regional academies.

The ministry published a statement on Saturday stating that the contractual teachers will enjoy all the rights like the permanent teachers employed by the government but within the regional academies with whom they initially signed the contract.

On the instructions of the head of government, the minister of education, vocational training, and higher education Said Amzazi made the announcement during a meeting with the five most representative unions in the education sector.

The contract program will be reformed as the contractual teachers will get medical care, pensions, and the same labor protections as permanent teachers.

The reform will not only grant contractual teachers the right to internal promotion in grades throughout their career but also early retirement in cases of a serious disease.

If they fulfill the requirements, they will also benefit from the right of passing exams to be inspectors, and also to be part of the administrative or the educational orientation body.

The government also proposed that contractual teachers will have the opportunity to take on greater responsibilities such as heads of departments, heads of division and even provincial director positions.

Contractual teachers began a “six-day regional sit-in” across the country accompanied by a “national strike” on Monday, February 4.

The protests started February 18-20, when hundreds of contractors took to the streets to denounce the government’s “disregard” for their needs, “poor” social dialogue negotiations, problems in education and healthcare, and the deterioration of their situation.