Akal Condemns Moroccan Government’s Inaction on ‘Land Expropriation’


Rabat – The Moroccan Akal Coordination group held a meeting on Sunday to discuss issues with overgrazing and land rights. The group met to consider the latest developments on land and wealth issues.

After the meeting, Akal Coordination posted on their Facebook page a report that stated the group “condemns the attempts of political parties to affirm the status quo.” However, the group expected the government would ignore its report, “the same as the previous ones.”

Akal organized two protests, in November and February, to protest the government not taking action to prevent overgrazing and wild boars from damaging land.

The report declared that Moroccans reject Law 113.13 on pastures. Akal also said people want the parliamentary representatives from all the affected areas to call for an open debate on their demands in light of the “serious and repeated violations.”

The law requires shepherds to get a certificate to find grassland for their livestock to graze on certain conditions.

The government’s lack of action on complaints that Amazigh (Berber) people have lodged caused Akal to establish a “legal human rights committee.” The committee follows up on the legal and human rights issues related to Akal’s work.

The protests called for the return of “usurped lands”—a reference to the Arab invasion of Morocco centuries ago, fair distribution of wealth, and action on the repeated attacks of wild boars.

The committee is now preparing a press conference to reach the national and international public, in coordination with Akal’s steering committee.

Source: moroccoworldnews.com