Royal Air Maroc to Raise Pilots Salaries by 5% After Months of Crisis, Flight Boycotts


Rabat – In a statement received by Morocco World News, Royal Air Maroc (RAM) announced  it found a common ground with the representatives of AMPL on March 12. The statement emphasized that the new agreement was approved by the majority of the pilots during a referendum held on Monday.

The agreement seeks to ensure “social peace for the next three years as well as a salary upgrade of 5 percent effective from March 2019,” the statement read.

It added, “The two parties welcome the conclusion of an agreement that represents a major step to mobilize all major forces to begin a phase of strategic development for the company in a calm and responsible social climate.”

The agreement comes after months of internal crisis between RAM management and pilots over working conditions.

Between July and August 2018, disagreement between management and pilots hit its highest point when pilots boycotted flights, causing RAM significant losses in terms of customers and financial returns.

Pilots’ demonstrations resulted in the delay and cancelation of more than 12 flights a day for nearly one month.

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Among their demands, pilots asked for a pay raise and better working conditions, including extended paid holidays and better healthcare coverage. The pilots also called for the re-establishment of a school of aviation in Morocco after the closure of RAM’s training center for pilots in 2014.

Prior to this agreement, RAM and AMPL announced that they had reached a deal in mid-August to end the crisis. The deal aimed to focus on recruitment to end the shortage of pilots.

But pilots crapped that deal in September, saying that it did not meet most of their demands.