Study: Rabat Has Highest Quality of Life in Morocco, Casablanca 2nd

Photo credit: Instagram @ojrobert

Rabat – Mercer, an American consulting firm, has released its list ranking the quality of life for working expatriates in 231 cities. Rabat ranked at 117th on the list, and Casablanca came in close behind at 124th.

Morocco’s capital came just after Rio De Janeiro in Brazil and before Sofia in Bulgaria.

The New York-based firm takes into account factors such as the sociocultural environment, housing, public services, and education when assessing cities.

Vienna, Austria, came in first place for the 10th year in a row, followed by Zurich, Switzerland, and Vancouver, Canada.

Port Louis in Mauritius was the highest-ranked African city, coming in at 83rd place. Three South African cities came next, with Durban at 88th, Cape Town at 95th, and Johannesburg at 96th. Algiers ranked at 185th, next to Nairobi at 186th.

Rabat has gone down a ranking in the list for two years in a row now, as it came in at 115th in 2017 and 116th in 2018. Casablanca, however, has gained a rank in the past two years.

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