Education Ministry Reaches Agreement with Contractual Teachers to End Protests

Contractual teachers continue their protests in front of the Parliament Building during the second week of April. Photo by Anton L. Delgado/Morocco World News.

Rabat – Morocco’s Ministry of Education said that it has reached an agreement with the contractual teachers, after more than five weeks of protest against their working conditions.

The agreement, according to the ministry, was concluded after a meeting with education unions, and human rights representatives.

The National Coordination of “the Forcibly Contracted Teachers” confirmed that all educators will go back to their work starting Monday, April 15.

Members of the National Council of Human Rights (CNDH) attended the meeting to play a mediation role in accordance with Article 10 of Law 15-76.

The press release said that “after serious and responsible discussion among all parties, it was agreed to  suspend all administrative and legal measures taken against some teachers.”

The statement added that the ministry will also pay suspended wages and to examine the status of the suspended contractual teachers.

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The agreement followed weeks of national strikes and protests from contractual teachers, who were seeking permanent jobs.

The teachers described themselves as “forcibly contractual educators.” In 2016, the Moroccan government began hiring teachers under annually renewable contacts every year.

The contractual teachers, who are not officially part of the public sector, receive the same salary, starting at MAD 5,000 ($520) monthly, as teachers who are permanently on the government payroll but have reduced pensions.

Teachers working under contracts will only receive 40 percent of their monthly salary after retirement. If they receive MAD 10,000 while working, the teachers will receive MAD 4,000 monthly after retiring.