Mashaba Denies Claim That Alex Residents Were Barred From Entering Meeting






Residents of Alexandra disrupt Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba’s address at the Marlboro community hall on 15 April 2019. Picture: Abigail Javier/EWN

Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba has dismissed claims that some Alexandra residents were barred from entering the venue of Monday night’s public meeting in Marlboro.

Mashaba was forced to abandon the meeting after the crowd began singing and tearing up papers showing an independent development plan.

Residents have been protesting over service delivery and housing issues. Mashaba has come under fire for not addressing residents earlier.

The mayor is set to go back to Alex next week after being forced to abandon the meeting at Marlboro Community Centre.

Alexandra shut down campaign leader Sandile Mavundla has defended the disruption of the gathering, saying residents were provoked.

“There was no chaos because the community was not willing to listen to the mayor. The chaos started when people were told that it’s only 20 people who would be able to enter the premises,” he said.

However, Mashaba’s spokesperson Luyanda Mfeka said denied this..

“Certainly, from our perspective, there’s been no evidence of that to the City and there were no such instructions,” Mfeka said.

Mashaba has argued that his government has not received the necessary funds from national government to build the required houses.