Royal Moroccan Navy Receives First Training in Germany

Royal Moroccan Navy’s Hassan II frigate. Photo credit: Frank Behling

Rabat – Approximately 200 elements of the Royal Moroccan Navy (MRM) have received training in northern Germany as part of a training trip in Europe.

According to German news outlet Kieler Nachrichten, the Moroccan navy arrived Friday in Hamburg, Germany, on the frigate, Hassan II, and corvette “Allal Ben Abdellah.”

The two ships are among Morocco’s most modern naval units, built in 2003 and 2012.

The Hassan II is 93 meters long and was built for maritime surveillance. It is under the command of Captain Mohamed Fadili, who leads a crew of 90 members.

The Allal Ben Abdellah is an even newer 98-meter-long corvette of the Sigma 9813 type of the Dutch Damen shipyard and has modern radar systems for sea monitoring. It is under the command of Captain Khalid Belghazi, who leads a crew of 100 soldiers.

The Royal Moroccan Navy is on a training trip in Europe and has already received training in Vlissingen in the Netherlands and Bordeaux in France.

The news outlet stated that this is the first time the Royal Moroccan Navy has been in Germany for training. Both ships were due to arrive in Lisbon on Monday morning.

A source told Morocco World News that the Special Forces Unit of the Royal Moroccan Navy is receiving training by taking part in maneuvers with friendly countries in the framework of military cooperation.

“These naval maneuvers are generally conducted under the command of AfriCom with the objective to coordinate efforts of the various navies in the field of interoperability, the fight against various trafficking, and illegal immigration,” added the source.

The Europe tour follows the Moroccan-American “African Lion” joint exercises in Morocco which began on March 16 and ended April 7.

The annual exercise saw the participation of military units and observers from 15 countries, including Canada, Spain, Portugal, the UK, Italy, Senegal, Tunisia, Mauritania, the US, Austria, and Morocco.

The United States Command for Africa (AFRICOM) and FAR jointly planned African Lion 2019 to consolidate cooperation and training and exchange experience between militaries of multiple countries.