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1. Angelique Kidjo Explores the Afrobeat Roots of Celia Cruz      

In her latest album, Angelique Kidjo plays tribute to salsa great, Celia Cruz, and demonstrates the musical connection between the Caribbean and Africa. The recently released record follows Beninese diva Angélique Kidjo as she pays tribute to one of her lifelong musical idols, Celia Cruz. The album sees Kidjo expertly stripping down, covering and reinterpreting ten songs from Celia’s legendary catalog to showcase the vast array of African influences on the salsa classics. Growing up in Benin, salsa has always been a huge thing, you know? [It’s] big in Africa. But even the local salsa band was only made up of men. Sometimes, if they couldn’t find guys to sing the backing , they would get girls. But they are way back there [on stage]. For me to witness a female salsa superstar on stage was a game changer. I was like, “Women can do that? There’s nothing I can’t do then.”