Ramadan in France, Rest of Europe to Begin Monday


Rabat – Like Saudi Arabia, the holy month of Ramadan will begin on Monday, May 6 in France and most European countries.

The Union of Mosques of France (UMF) released a statement in which it expressed its best wishes to the muslims of France.

The UMF also called on Muslims to “live in the spirit of this month of spirituality, filled with solidarity and generosity, by providing support to all those who work against poverty in the world.”

The UMF also urged the Muslim community in France to “seize the opportunity of this blessed month to raise prayers for (…) peace and harmony between peoples and nations.”

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Ramadan will also begin on Monday in Belgium.

Morocco’s Ministry of Islamic Affairs announced on Friday that Morocco is sending out 422 Moroccan imams, morchidates (female religious guides), preachers and reciters “to provide religious guidance to Moroccans living abroad.”

The ministry said it would ensure that activities within mosques are in harmony with European law. Of the 422 candidates for the mission, 163 will go to France, the country with the largest Moroccan community in Europe. The number of Taraweeh (nighttime prayer) imams totals 361, 29 female preachers, and 32 male preachers, according to the minister.

On other continents, the first day Ramadan will also fall on May 6. Saudi Arabia and Qatar will also begin fasting tomorrow. Ramadan will begin on Monday in Australia as well.Morocco will announce whether Ramadan will be on Monday or Tuesday on the evening of Sunday, May 5.. Astronomer and researcher Abdelaziz Kharbouch Al Ifrani told Morocco World News that the first day of Ramadan  is “most likely” on Tuesday, May 7.

Source: moroccoworldnews.com