Discover first words of the newest Lioness, Estelle Laura Johnson


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kick442 | Estelle Laura Johnson has settled on taking her baby step’s with the Lionesses at 30.

Lionesses head coach Alain Djeumfa has released a provisional squad of 26 players in light of the upcoming FIFA women’s world cup in just over a month to the competition proper. Sparkling new US/Cameroon defender, Estelle Johnson is amongst and immediately_she has made her intention’s clear by speech.

The 30-year-old who is born to a Cameroonian father in her word’s said few minutes after publication-“I am enthusiastic of the idea of representing Cameroon Estelle said on Twitter”. Estelle was first contacted by Joseph Ndoko in 2018 but before now looked uncertain to grace the turf with a green red, yellow.

The Sky blue fc defender at the National women’s soccer league went on “I have dreamt about this moment for very long. I am lucky to be part of the group and honoured to join this team with many talented player’s for the preparation of the world cup” the 30 year old told Allez Les Lions.

The sparkling new Lioness has acted as a camel’s back (unstoppable defender) for six club’s in her club term.Estelle would straight away know that her call up would not be a safari trip, with names like: Awona Marie, Ejangue Siliki, Mani Christine, and Meffometou Tcheno who all played in the 2015 women’s world cup fighting for a place in the heart of the coach and that of the fan’s