Moroccan Cigars Brand Habanos Wants to Expand to the US


Rabat – Moroccan cigar manufacturer Habanos seeks to feature its products in the US.

The company shared a press release on May 7 to announce its desire to export its cigar products to the US.

The company said that it is “seeking to expand to the United States Marketplace.”

While the company is hoping to make the best of the US’s profitable cigar market, it appears it is still looking for further inspiration to make its American venture a big success. The press release added that Habanos is “looking to negotiate with distributors to assist” the launch of its American “mission.”

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Habanos CEO Omar Zahraoui said, “Cigars have always been a part of American life, and today’s consumers aren’t just looking for the classic cigar – they’re also looking to discover what the rest of the world has to offer – and that’s where our 100% premium cigars, made from a blend of 100% Moroccan tobaccos come in.”

He also acknowledged the strength of cigar market in the US, saying that the marketplace of cigars is strong with $9.3 billion annually.

Zahraoui said that  this amount is “increasing by 2.1% each year,” making the US expansion a good prospect for the Moroccan company.

Acknowledging the quality of cigar brands already established in the US, Habanos is counting on a single major quality to make itself a room: newness or difference.

With a different taste and unique Moroccan flavor, Zahraoui inisted, Habanos can make itself a name in an otherwise saturated American market.

“At Habanos SA, we believe that this growing demand means that there is high consumer interest in trying new, premium flavors from the Kingdom of Morocco. In particular, from people looking to create a Casablanca mood and feel with their next cigar.”