Cameroon launches ‘Solar Maternity’ project worth €1,520,000


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Devdiscourse | Cameroon has got a new project launched recently dubbed ‘Solar Maternity’. The project has been unveiled in Bikok, a central region in Cameroon.

France’s former Environment Minister, Ségolène Royal desires to equip 13 Cameroonian maternity hospitals with solar power generation systems. The initiative has been taken by the 65-year old French politician to ensure those maternity units get connected to solar energy soon.

The maternity hospitals will be powered by the solar energy produced by each of the 13 municipalities selected and run by women members of the Cameroonian network of the Network of Local Elected Women of Africa – Bikok, Mbengwi, Mayo Oulo, Mayo-Darle, Ngoyla, Afanloum, Andeck, Dzeng, Kon Yambetta, Doume, Fokoue, Angossas and Garoua Boulay, as reported by Afrik21.

The launching ceremony took place in the presence of French politician Ségolène Royal, Network for Locally Elected Women of Africa’s President Célestine Ketcha Courtès and the Célestine Ketcha Courtès. The objective of this project is to boost the energy system in the health centres of the beneficiary municipalities. The quality of electricity supply is said to be improved to ensure better medical conditions during delivery phases. Due to power failure, the death cases during birth are often reported.

The overall cost of ‘Solar Maternity’ project is estimated at 1,520,000 euros. The French politician said during the launching ceremony that she would return to Cameroon in July this year to evaluate the progress.