A/R: School to relocate after fire guts JHS block


Authorities of Ampeyoo Krofrom DA JHS have been directed to relocate pupils to a school at a nearby community, Ampabame R/C JHS.

This follows a fire incident recorded on Thursday which affected the entire JHS block.

The assembly member for the area, Bismark Addai Dwomoh indicated that the decision was taken after a meeting between the District Chief Executive of Atwima Kwanwoma, the District Education Directorate and other stakeholders.

He said after the meeting, they decided that students should be moved to Ampabame R/C JHS until the structure is renovated.

“The DCE, the District Education Director and others came here and we had a meeting and in the meeting, we all came to the conclusion that and the recommendation was that, looking at the structure, the pupils cannot continue to be in the building.”

“There could be a break down in the near future. So it was decided that the children should be moved to a school at a nearby community to be there for some months. The DCE has also assured us that the structure would be renovated within a period of two months”.

The fire incident at the Ampeyoo DA school affected the entire JHS Block, where certificates, textbooks and other valuables at the School got burnt.

The headmistress of the school, Joyce Osei Manu has called for support.

“We are asking for other philanthropists or anybody who can help us textbooks with laptops. Anything at all will be appreciated.”

The pupils equally appealed for assistance to enable academic work to continue.

“People have to come to our aid and help us because our buildings are all damaged. We need books, chalks, duster, everything that has been damaged has to be replaced so we can continue our academic work. 10th June, we are going to write BECE so we need everything to be in place before writing our BECE,” one of the pupils appealed.

Source: citinewsroom.com