‘It’s Fantastic’ Macron Says on Moroccan Start-ups at Vivatech Conference

16 Moroccan Start-ups at International Vivatech Conference in Paris

Rabat – The Moroccan Ministry of Industry (MIICEN) and the national Digital Development Agency (ADD), in partnership with the National Telecommunications Regulations Agency (ANRT), have arranged for 16 Moroccan start-ups to attend the annual Vivatech conference in Paris.

The annual Vivatech conference running from May 16 to 18 in Paris, brings together more than 2000 start-ups from all over the world, as well as investors, university representatives, students, and media. The French President Emmanuel Macron attended the event today.

This is the second year Morocco has participated in the conference.

“Morocco is everywhere. It’s fantastic,” Macron told a journalist from the Moroccan National Society of Radio and Television (SNRT).

“Morocco is a friend with whom we have strong relationship. I believe in digital innovation, […] and I believe in its positive powers. […] It is clear that Morocco has a place here, and at Vivatech,” he added.

The 16 start-ups were selected by the ADD for their ability to disrupt the GreenTech, HealthTech, EdTech, TransporTech and Artificial Intelligence sectors, and showcase Morocco’s growing tech innovation sector.

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Innovative start-ups

The start-up “Sowit”, for instance, works to strengthen farming in Africa, by helping farmers access information that will maximize their production. This information includes weather and market price data, but also information specifically tailored to the type of agriculture and the location of the farm, as well as targeted recommendations for irrigation and fertilization.

“Ashnoo-share Technologies,” another one of the 16 start-ups, operates in the retail sector. It has created a hologram advertising system that allows companies to better target customers in real time while they are shopping..

The conference is an opportunity for the Moroccan start-ups to raise their profile and build connections. Last year the event brought 80 000 visitors in 48 hours.

Morocco has been pushing forward its digital strategy, recognizing the transformative role of technology on its economy. The ADD was created in 2017 to support the development and implementation of technology in public administrations as well as in the private sector.

Working on a range of ambitious projects, last week, ADD signed a contract with digital giant EON Reality to open the first Virtual Reality Interactive Digital Center in Morocco. The center will be located at the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University campus in Ben Guerir, a town one hour north of Marrakech, and will use AVR teaching methods to prepare students for a digital world.

ADD has an investment budget of MAD 235 million (approximately $25 million).

Source: moroccoworldnews.com