Jenelle Evans Starts Therapy and Parenting Classes: Too Little, Too Late?


May was SUCH a wild month for the Eason family, right?

We don’t have much hope for June being much better, but after everything that’s happened, it’s hard to believe it can be much worse.

After all, it’s not like Jenelle and David can re-lose custody of their kids, right?

Besides, thanks to a new report from TMZ, it looks like those two are finally starting the long, difficult process of fixing themselves.

Let’s get into the details …

1. What a Time

Jenelle has never made good choices — that’s why she got her start on reality television in the first place.

2. So, So Sad

So, So Sad

But man, have things taken a seriously dark turn lately.

3. Ah, Memories

Ah, Memories

Remember when her lowest point was smoking weed with Kieffer and getting yelled at by Barbara?

4. So Bittersweet

So Bittersweet

Can we go back there please?

5. The Present

The Present

Unfortunately, Kieffer is currently in prison for building a meth lab, and Jenelle is married to David, the man who brutally killed her dog and totally destroyed her life.

6. Ugh


And, well, here we are.

Source: thehollywoodgossip