Facebook Bans Huawei from Pre-Installing Apps on New Phones


Rabat – Following the U.S. government’s decision a month ago to blacklist Chinese tech company, Huawei, Reuters reports that Facebook is suspending its major applications from being pre-installed on future models of Huawei phones.

The apps that will be suspended are Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. This is an attempt to make Huawei devices less appealing to the public.

Despite everything, you will still have the option to utilize Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp on a new Huawei device. You will just have to download all the applications from the Google Play Store, where they will still be available.

Why there are sanctions on Huawei

The Trump administration’s sanctions against Huawei have started. The U.S has initiated this backlash because Huawei has won contracts to develop 5G.

In order to hinder them before they can fully develop the 5G software, the U.S. has initiated those sanctions. U.S. and European governments cite cyber security concerns as part of their reasoning.

U.S. companies that supply the Chinese tech powerhouse with PC chips saw their stock costs drop Monday, and Huawei faces decimated smartphone sales with the anticipated loss of Google’s popular software and services.

On May 15th, the U.S. Commerce Department placed Huawei on its Entity List, adequately restricting U.S. firms from offering Huawei technology without government approval.

The article “Huawei sanctions: Who gets hurt in dispute?” Quoted Google saying it would keep on supporting existing Huawei cell phones; however, future devices won’t have its lead applications and tools, including maps, Gmail and Google search.

Just fundamental tools will be accessible, making Huawei telephones less alluring. Independently, Huawei is the world’s driving supplier of systems administration gear; however the technology is heavily dependent on U.S. parts, including PC chips. About 33% of Huawei’s providers are American.

Source: moroccoworldnews.com