Two Palestinian officers wounded in Israeli attack on PPS headquarters


Two Palestinian security officers were injured after the Israeli army attacked the headquarters of the Palestinian Preventive Security (PPS) in Nablus on Tuesday.

According to Reuters, a Palestinian official said the Israeli forces indiscriminately opened fire at the headquarters where dozens of members of the Palestinian security forces were present.

He added that the bullets penetrated many windows and walls as the shooting continued for nearly two hours before the withdrawal of the Israeli forces.

On his account on Twitter, the spokesperson of the Israeli army, Avichay Adraee, wrote that during operations by the Israeli army to arrest “terrorists” in Nablus, a gunfight took place between the forces and a hidden source of fire believed to be the location of the “terrorists.”

He claimed that the source of the gunfire was found to be from members of the Palestinian security, noting that the Israeli army is investigating the incident.

The governor of Nablus, Ibrahim Ramadan, rejected the statements of the Israeli army, saying that what happened needs a real stance, calling on Israeli authorities to interrogate the soldiers who attacked the PPS headquarters.

Source: dailynewsegypt