Economic cost of road accidents in Egypt reach EGP 28.9bn in 2017


The Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) issued a study, on Tuesday, on the economic cost of road accidents in Egypt in 2017, reaching EGP 28.9bn, a decrease of 0.7% or EGP 200m from 2014.

The estimated total cost of road accident casualties (3,747 deaths) was about EGP 22.1bn and the estimated cost of injuries (13,998 cases) was EGP 4.7bn, in addition to the compensations paid by insurance companies amounting to EGP 2.1bn in 2017.

The future cost of road accidents is expected to fall to EGP 27.1bn by 2020.

Total lengths of road networks in the governorates amount to 185,000 km in 2017, up from 163,100 km in 2014, growing by 13.5%.

The CAPMAS added that the total number of car accidents in 2017 was 11,100 accidents, a decrease of 24.6% or 3,600 accidents against 2016, and a decrease of 48.0% or 10,300 accidents compared to 2005.

Moreover, the total number of casualties resulting from car accidents was 17,700 deaths and injuries in 2017, a decrease of 6,200 cases compared to 2016 by 26.0%, and a decrease of 13,000 from 2005 by 42.2%.

The human factor comes first in the causes of road accidents in Egypt by 78.9% in 2017, followed by the technical condition of the vehicle by 14.0% and the state of the road by 2.0%. The estimated cost of accidents in 2017 is EGP 28.9bn.

The most common vehicles in road accidents in 2017 were passenger cars, accounting for 47.2%, followed by trucks by 17.1%.

The total number of vehicles damaged due to car accidents was 17,200 in 2017, a decrease of 3,900 vehicles damaged for the year 2016 by 18.4% and an increase of 1,400 vehicles for the year 2005 by 8.6%.

The number of passengers on the trains reached 221 million passengers in 2017, a decrease of 10 million passengers for the year 2016 by 4.3%, and a decrease of 193.2 million passengers for the year 2006 by 46.6%.

The total number of train accidents was 1,793 incidents in 2017, an increase of 544 incidents compared to 2016, a rate of 43.6% and a decrease of 750 incidents for the year 2005 by 71.9%.

The total number of human losses caused by train accidents reached 90 in 2017, a decrease of 136 cases compared to 2016, (a decrease of 60.2%) and a decrease of 55 cases for the year 2005 by 37.9%.

Source: dailynewsegypt